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  • Wednesday October 18, 2023

    Chatting: More Than Just Talk

    The 7 C’s of Caring Conversations We've all been there – caught in a chat that feels more like small talk than a real conversation....

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  • Tuesday September 26, 2023

    The Importance of Understanding Love Languages

    If you've ever felt misunderstood or like you're not quite clicking with someone you care about, this blog post might just be the insight you've...

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  • Sunday July 2, 2023

    Coping in the midst of a storm

    ‘How so?’ ‘You look big, strong, and reliable. But the problem with oak trees is that if the storm is big enough their very strength...

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  • Monday June 5, 2023

    A Safe Space – A Therapists Journey

    At sixteen years old, I was terrified of so many things. In the previous year, my world had fallen apart following the death of my...

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  • Monday May 22, 2023

    The Power of Therapy

    Maintaining good mental health is vital in today's fast-paced world. When facing challenges and emotional struggles, therapy offers valuable support. In this article, we explore...

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  • Tuesday May 16, 2023

    Is any life too broken?

    My psychotherapy journey started 4yrs after I’d been bereaved. My husband Martin died of cancer in Sept 2013; I knew my grief would be grim...

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  • Tuesday April 11, 2023

    Life After Death? – a bereaved parent’s perspective on grief

    This is not my first blog about the grief experienced by the loss of a child. On reflection, that piece was somewhat generic and so,...

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  • Monday February 27, 2023

    What Is Gaslighting and how it affects you

    Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser seeks to instil self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. You don’t have to...

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  • Thursday December 29, 2022

    New Year, New Beginnings

    Once the mayhem of Christmas day is over and the last of the turkey is gone, thoughts start to drift to the New Year. Conversations...

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  • Tuesday November 22, 2022

    Meeting in the Middle with your Therapist

    The first time I met my therapist I was filled with feelings of anxiety, apprehension, and curiosity.  I sought therapy for several reasons and hoped...

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  • Wednesday July 20, 2022

    Witnessing trauma through the psychoanalytic lens

    Trauma can sit deep in the individual and collective psyche. Countless armed conflicts, violent crimes against individuals and groups, natural and man-made disasters, global warming,...

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  • Wednesday July 20, 2022

    One Small Decision Changed Everything

    The hardest thing about change is making the change happen The hardest thing about change is making the change happen. It’s not easy, it can...

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  • Tuesday July 5, 2022

    Parenting Trauma. Not always a fairy tale.

    Did anyone hear of a therapeutic parent before? Well, let me explain. The term Therapeutic Parenting was first used by Dr Daniel. A. Hughes, a...

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  • Monday June 27, 2022

    From Inpatient to Therapist. An Unexpected Journey

    Spending time as an inpatient. Sometimes life draws you into situations that you never thought you’d be in. Spending time as an inpatient in a...

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  • Tuesday June 14, 2022

    The Power of Disclosure

    When a client described an experience that evoked not only familiarity but reactive physical sensations, it was not only a bit of a coincidence but...

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  • Thursday May 19, 2022

    Transitioning and the Grief Process

    Transitioning and the Grief Process ‘There’s something I need to tell you…… I don’t feel like a boy, I think I’m a girl. At the...

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  • Wednesday May 4, 2022

    Managing Your Inner Critic

    Every one of us consists of a multitude of ‘parts’. The part that is a parent, a team member or even a guilty part of...

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  • Thursday April 14, 2022

    Perfectionism – the enemy of good?

    Voltaire, the French writer and philosopher, observed that ‘Perfect is the enemy of the good.’ This might seem to be an odd observation. Surely, the...

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  • Wednesday March 23, 2022

    Resilience Part Two

    In my last blog, I discussed resilience in mental health, what it means, and some ways we can think about it. Today I will look...

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  • Wednesday February 9, 2022


    Resilience in mental health can take many forms, we can think of it as fortitude that can be applied to a person's mental health and...

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