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  • Monday September 6, 2021

    Can Couples Counselling Save my Marriage?

    Relationship or marriage counselling is a relatively new branch of the counselling profession. It has grown in popularity over the last so years as more...

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  • Tuesday August 24, 2021

    What is Group Therapy

    What is Group Therapy?  Group Therapy is a very useful way for people to meet in a safe environment where they can share any problems...

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  • Monday August 9, 2021

    How can counselling help my anxiety

    What is anxiety? Approx 25% of the UK population have difficulties with their mental health. The most common problems are anxiety and depression. Anxiety is...

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  • Tuesday July 27, 2021

    Counselling or Psychotherapy?

    I am well placed to answer this question. I have completed training to qualify as a counsellor. I am also roughly halfway through my training...

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  • Tuesday July 13, 2021

    Menopause – what’s all the fuss about?

    It’s 2021 and women are only daring to talk openly about the menopause.  An expected transition that was predominately called being in ‘the change’.  I...

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  • Tuesday June 29, 2021

    What is an Employee Assistance Program?

    The business world is going through enormous changes post-Covid 19 and employees are finding it difficult to cope as they emerge from the pandemic. This...

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  • Tuesday June 15, 2021

    My road to becoming a therapist

    I had my first experience as a client in therapy as a terrified fifteen year old. I had recently been through a severely traumatic event...

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  • Tuesday May 18, 2021

    What is Couples Counselling?

    Our intimate relationships have the capacity to be the source of our greatest support but also our greatest stress. Couples counselling, (or relationship counselling or...

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  • Tuesday April 6, 2021

    Low Cost Counselling – What’s it all about?

    The UK Counselling Network CIC provides affordable, low cost counselling and psychotherapy to clients nationwide. We are passionate about helping people overcome the common barriers...

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  • Tuesday April 6, 2021

    The lonely grief of bereaved parents

    Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. Often, the pain...

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