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Counselling and Pyschotherapy with UK Counselling Network

Counselling and psychotherapy at UK Counselling Network provides help with a multitude of mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. In our lives, we all experience times when we feel at a loss and where working with one of our trained therapists would be of enormous benefit. Equally, there are many other reasons why people seek counselling with us such as difficult life events, bereavement, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem and anger. At UK Counselling Network, you can expect to receive a prompt response to your initial enquiry. Following a brief assessment you will be allocated to a suitable therapist who will listen and support you without judgement or criticism. Typically, your sessions will be delivered online.


Open-ended counselling sessions, putting you in charge of your therapy

Accessing counselling and psychotherapy may feel daunting but at UK Counselling Network, we aim to make your experience of counselling as free flowing as possible.  The process starts by filling in some brief details of what you would like to discuss in therapy.  This is part of the booking process. You will promptly receive an invitation to a brief telephone assessment not only to explore your needs in more depth but also to see if we are the right fit.

Following your assessment, our clinical team will meet to determine the most appropriate avenue for your therapeutic needs and then we will allocate you a therapist. Your allocated therapist will make direct contact with you to organise your first appointment.  As our therapies are predominately delivered in an online enviroment, we strongly reccommend that you are able to find a safe and private space to comfortably particpiate in your therapy sessions.

In our Low-Cost Counselling service, sadly, we are unable to work with the following: Personality disorder diagnosis, current or recent psychosis, complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD), active or recent substance or alcohol dependency, severe distress, active suicidality, severe suicidal ideation or severe eating disorders.


I cannot tell you how much these sessions have changed my life and I’ll be endlessly grateful for the support and affordability of the sessions, all that I have received during the darkest times of my life. Many thanks for everything you all do.

After a relationship breakdown and losing my job in lockdown, I decided to reach out to the UK Counselling Network for some support which was the best decision I could of made after such a difficult few months prior. I would highly recommend the low cost service to anyone who is struggling both emotionally and financially, and wants to avoid endless waiting lists with their GP.