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Effective therapies that cater for your needs

We provide individuals, couples, relational and group talking therapies. Our counselling sessions are usually delivered on a weekly basis at a mutually convenient time between yourself and your allocated therapist. The content of these sessions is confidential. You can access our services directly by selecting ‘book’. When we receive your enquiry, we will respond within 24 hours offering you an appointment for a brief assessment call to establish the most appropriate service for you.

Affordable Counselling and Pyschotherapy

Counselling offers a confidential and safe space to explore the issues you face. Whether you have a diagnosed condition such as anxiety or depression, or you are just finding life difficult at present, we can help you make sense of your surroundings and support you in making positive changes in your life.


Counselling For All

Our increasingly popular services are delivered predominately online.

The fee for our services start at £28.00 for our low cost counselling option.  Our Low-Cost Counselling sessions are delivered by trainee therapists who are completing the clinical hours required by their training establishments.

We also offer a range of counselling solutions with fully qualified therapists with competitive fees ranging between £60.00 and £110.00 per session. Our qualified therapists offer a wide range of therapeutic solutions and many of them have particular specialist skills which would align with your needs. Examples would include historic abuse, trauma, borderline personality disorder and gambling addiction.

Our range of therapies

Low-Cost Counselling

Our most affordable weekly counselling option at just £28.00 per session. Accessing this service is dependent on a preliminary assessment of your needs. Our talented clinical placement therapists provide this counselling service.


Qualified Counselling

With weekly fees starting at £60.00, this option is provided by our qualified and experienced therapists. You will be matched directly with a therapist who will carry out a robust assessment of your needs in your first session together.


EMDR Trauma Therapy

EMDR therapy is a mental health treatment technique to help process traumatic memories. This specialist therapy is delivered online by highly experienced EMDR practitioners. The fee for these weekly sessions is £110.00.

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Couples Counselling

Our online couple’s therapy sessions range between £60.00 to £85.00 per session. The fee varies dependant on the assessment of the needs of the couple and this is determined by a pre-assessment discussion.


Group Therapy

We offer weekly, online group therapy with fees starting at £30.00. Prior to joining a group, you would be invited to assessment sessions to determine your individual needs and how a therapy group may help.

Group Therapy

Anger Solutions

A service where you would explore the negative impact anger is having on your life.  We offer an in-depth assessment at a one-off fee of £75.00. You can then book a block of sessions starting from £500.00

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