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Welcome to the UK Counselling Network. An Award-Winning Social Enterprise. Our mission is to make quality therapy available to everyone across the United Kingdom. To meet our mission we offer a range of counselling services throughout the UK. Accessible online, face to face and telephone.

Our Affordable Counselling service offers access to therapy with a standard payment of £28. For those with a bigger budget we offer Private Counselling sessions at £60.

All our therapist are carefully chosen to ensure that you get the high quality service you deserve

We also offer Couples therapy, which is a type of treatment where a professional counsellor helps a couple work through challenges in their relationship. At UKCN our couples therapists can help you address relationship problems or weaknesses before they become overwhelming or seem impossible to fix.

What Makes Us Special

Everybody in our organisation, Directors, administrative staff and therapists, are passionate about delivering accessible, quality counselling and psychotherapy. Two of the most common barriers to accessing therapy are high prices and long waiting lists.

Our low-cost counselling service offers sessions at a standard rate of £28 and we aim to have you assessed and starting with a counsellor within 2-3 weeks of your initial contact. There is currently no waiting list for our services.

Importantly we do not cap the number of sessions offered to you. Many free and low-cost services are capped at between 6-12 sessions. At UKCN we believe that everybody should be able to access the therapy they need and you will be supported for as long as you require our services.

Because our staff are committed to our mission we are also committed to supporting them. We offer free supervision and low-cost development workshops to support their development as counsellors and psychotherapists. As a result, our team are highly motivated and keen to give you the best treatment possible.

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We accept referrals from GPs and other agencies as well as self-referrals. The counselling service is run by high-quality trainees from local training centres. All counsellors are fully supervised to ensure the highest standards of care. Trainees are registered with their appropriate professional body eg:  BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  Our counsellors work with a wide range of issues including anxiety, stress, life changes, depression and anger.

We are inviting people to ring for a confidential chat and/or to make an appointment. Each call to our Low-Cost Counselling service will receive a response within 48 hours (except weekends). People will then be matched with a suitable Counsellor.  We offer short term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy.

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