Who typically accesses couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a type of treatment where a professional counsellor helps a couple work through challenges in their relationship. All kinds of couples can benefit from relationship counselling including:

Couples of all genders and sexual orientations
Couples of all ages
Unmarried partners
Premarital/engaged couples
Happily married partners
Couples contemplating divorce or separation of some kind
Partners from different faith backgrounds
Couples with a large age gap

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Reasons for Couples Therapy?

People often think about couples therapy in terms of marriage guidance’ and while the possibility of divorce or relational breakdown are common reasons to seek relationship counselling, couples therapy is most effective before a relationship crisis, not after. At UKCN our couples therapists can help you address relationship problems or weaknesses before they become overwhelming or seem impossible to fix.  Couples therapy can address issues such as:

Relationship transitions (like moving in together, getting married, or expecting a child)
Life transitions (such as getting a new job, moving to a new city, starting a degree, or retirement)
Distant or resentful feelings
Changes in physical and/or emotional intimacy
Struggles with illness or addiction
Financial or employment stress
Navigating relationships with other family members
Shared grief or loss
Feeling “stuck”

Couples therapy vs. individual therapy?

In couples counselling, the relationship itself is the client, not only the two individuals in the relationship. For example, if one partner has a gambling addiction, it will typically be addressed in terms of how it affects the relationship.

Types of couples therapy?

Our couples counsellors are experienced practitioners drawn from a wide range of theoretic backgrounds so they can choose from a number of therapeutic techniques that are proven to strengthen relationship bonds.

How does this kind of therapy work?

At UKCN, our couples therapists recommend starting with a commitment to weekly sessions. Our therapists have been trained in-house in couples therapy and all fully qualified from their previous trainings. Each session typically costs £55 to £80 depending upon the level of couples experience the therapist has with UKCN. In this way UKCN can offer affordable couples therapy which matches the needs of you, the clients. Your couples therapy sessions may be held face-to-face if you are local to our centre or online.

What to expect in sessions

At UKCN, your first session your counsellor will ask some basic questions to get to know you both individually before asking questions about your relationship. They’ll probably also ask what you hope to get out of therapy and to set some goals. You will discover at this session if your allocated therapist is a good fit for you and equally if they feel they can meet your needs. At this point you may decide whether you wish to continue sessions, or that this therapy is not for you right now. In this event alternatives will be discussed with your counsellor. If you do continue sessions we do not restrict the number of sessions you may wish to have – this puts you the clients – in charge of your therapy and when you are ready to stop therapy.

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