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Chatting: More Than Just Talk

The 7 C’s of Caring Conversations

We’ve all been there – caught in a chat that feels more like small talk than a real conversation. With so much going on in our lives and the easy distraction of technology such as our phones, it’s becoming trickier to have those deep, meaningful talks. But guess what? When we sit down and chat heart-to-heart, it feels amazing! That’s where our handy 7 C’s come in. These are like secret ingredients to make our talks richer and more genuine. Let’s dive in!

1. Be Courageous

What it means: Stepping out of your comfort zone and approaching conversations with bravery.

How to use it: Initiate tough topics, be open about your feelings, and face any fears head-on.

Benefits: By showing courage, you pave the way for authentic communication, and often, the conversations we fear the most can be the most rewarding.

Example: Instead of avoiding a friend who has upset you, be courageous and express your feelings, leading to understanding and resolution.

2. Connect Emotionally

What it means: Engage with genuine emotion and empathy.

How to use it: Listen actively, show compassion, and validate the feelings of the other person.

Benefits: Emotional connection fosters trust, which is the bedrock of any meaningful conversation.

Example: If someone shares a personal struggle with you, instead of merely offering advice, take a moment to say, “That sounds really tough; I’m here for you.”

3. Be Curious

What it means: Approach conversations with a genuine desire to understand and learn.

How to use it: Ask open-ended questions and show interest in the answers.

Benefits: Curiosity leads to deeper understanding and prevents assumptions.

Example: Instead of assuming you know why someone acted a certain way, ask them openly, “What was going through your mind when you did that?”

4. Consider Other Perspectives

What it means: Recognise that there are multiple ways to see a situation.

How to use it: Before reacting, take a moment to think about where the other person is coming from.

Benefits: This consideration can reduce conflicts and increase empathy.

Example: When disagreeing with someone, instead of digging your heels in, try saying, “I see where you’re coming from; let’s find a middle ground.”

5. Collaborate

What it means: Work together to find solutions or understandings.

How to use it: Encourage teamwork in conversations, valuing each person’s input.

Benefits: Collaboration ensures all voices are heard and respected, leading to mutual solutions.

Example: When planning an event with a friend, collaborate by merging both of your ideas into a shared vision.

6. Compromise

What it means: Finding a middle ground where all parties feel valued and considered.

How to use it: Be willing to adjust your stance or desires for the greater good of the relationship.

Benefits: Compromise reduces conflicts and shows a commitment to the relationship.

Example: If two friends want different things for a night out, they might compromise by choosing an activity that incorporates a bit of both.

7. Celebrate

What it means: Acknowledge and rejoice in positive outcomes, shared understandings, and mutual growth.

How to use it: After a meaningful conversation, take a moment to appreciate the connection and understanding achieved.

Benefits: Celebrating fosters positivity and gratitude in relationships.

Example: After working through a disagreement, take a moment to express gratitude for each other’s openness and willingness to understand.

For the Little Ones: Using the 7 C’s with Kids

Now, when it comes to our kiddos, it’s a whole different ball game, isn’t it? They’ve got these big feelings wrapped up in tiny bodies. But guess what? The 7 C’s can be a game-changer here too! Being curious can help you get down to what’s really bugging them after a tough day at school. Connecting emotionally? That’s all about those warm hugs and really listening when they tell you about their latest playground adventure. And celebrate? Well, every little achievement is a big deal. So whether it’s tying their shoes or sharing a toy, give them a high-five! Remember, it’s about making them feel heard, understood, and super loved.

Sparking Romance: The 7 C’s in Relationships

And let’s not forget our partners! Whether you’ve been together a short while or you’ve lost count of the anniversaries, relationships need those heart-to-heart moments. Be courageous – maybe share that little thing that’s been on your mind. Consider their perspective when they’ve had a long, tough day and just need to vent. And definitely celebrate – from the small moments like cooking a meal together to the big ones like anniversaries. Keeping the 7 C’s in mind can turn a simple chat into one of those warm, fuzzy moments you both cherish. After all, it’s the little talks that keep the sparks flying!

Beyond The Talk

So, we’ve got our 7 C’s. But remember, chatting is about more than just words – it’s about connection. It’s about those moments where you think, “Yes! They totally get me.” Or even, “Wow, I never looked at it that way before.”

Every chat is its own adventure. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s a bit awkward, and sometimes you might not see eye-to-eye. But that’s just life, right? What’s important is that we try to get where the other person is coming from.

Although some of the description about each of the c’s is oversimplified, they are my interpretation of these. I would however like to acknowledge Belinda Dewar who developed this form of working back in 2011. For further information, read more here.

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