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Charlie’s Corner Bereaved Parent Service

“Charlie’s Corner” is a bespoke service provided by UK Mental Health Solutions which offers sensitive, low-cost, counselling support for bereaved parents, their family members, and anyone affected by the loss of a child. Bereavement affects people in different ways. Feelings around bereavement can be potent and frightening. It is normal to experience grief in many ways including numbness, sadness, anger, emptiness, and despair. There is no “right” or “wrong” response to any bereavement but what is certain is that no one can ever be prepared for the loss of a child.

Charlie’s Corner low cost counselling

Our low-cost counselling can help anyone affected by the loss of a child at any age and for any reason, including miscarriage, stillbirth, termination, accidental, violent, or suicidal death, and death following acute or chronic illness.

Whatever your experience of loss UKMHS is here to support you.

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For further information please email us at Book a session or call us on 0113 285 2899.


“My husband and I received joint counselling following the loss of our son.  At the hardest point in our lives, we were brought hope and light.”

“My husband was sceptical of how it would be, however, immediately, we felt at ease weigh our therapist which helped us break down, identify and process our feelings and emotions.”

“With our therapists help, we felt ready to bring another child into our lives.  They supported and guided us all the way throughout our second pregnancy, without their help we would have been so much more anxious and worried.”