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Affordable Counselling and Psychotherapy

At the UK Counselling Network, we are passionate about making good quality counselling and psychotherapy available to the widest possible audience. This means offering therapy at an affordable price and via a range of mediums (face to face, Zoom and telephone) so that we can reach the widest possible audience. We offer individual and group therapy.

At the heart of our offering is our low cost-counselling service. For most of us seeking therapeutic help, there are two options: long waiting lists for NHS and other free services, or paying £50-70 per session to get help from a private practitioner.

Individual Affordable Therapy

UKCN offers individual affordable therapy on a sliding scale from £18-30 depending on your income. Your therapist will be a trainee counsellor or psychotherapist on clinical placement. Each of our trainees are handpicked by our Directors and are fully supervised during their time working with you. All our therapists are fully insured and members of a relevant professional body.

Unlike most free or low cost services, we do not have limits on the number of sessions available to you. This means we will continue to support you as long as you feel you need it. We aim to have you placed with a suitable therapist within 4 weeks of your initial inquiry.

Since this service is staffed by trainee therapists we are not able to offer counselling for all mental health presentations. In particular, we would be unable to see you if you have any of the following:

  • Any diagnosis of a personality disorder
  • Current or recent psychosis
  • Severe trauma

In addition, if you are currently suffering from severe distress or suicidal ideation you may not be suitable for our low-cost service. You can search for a therapist in your area at the following websites:UKCP,  The Counselling Directory,  The BACP, 

Our face-to-face counselling is currently located in Drighlington, West Yorkshire. We also offer therapy to adults across the UK via Zoom and telephone. Recent research has shown that remote counselling can be equally effective as in-person therapy so wherever you live, you can still get the quality support you need.

If you are choosing this option please tick the “Affordable Counselling” option on our self-referral form. Please note we do not request proof of income to access our affordable counselling service. You can simply choose the level of payment that is right for you.